8 Genetically Engineered Foods to Watch For (Page 6)

Sugar Beets

Sugar Beets

Backstory: Developed by Monsanto and KWS Saat Ag to be glyphosate-resistant, the genetically engineered sugar beet was approved by the USDA in 2005. It now accounts for 95 percent of the U.S. sugar beet market and makes up half of the U.S. production of sugar. (The other half is derived from sugarcane.)

The Latest News: Sugar beets are largely wind-­pollinated. Environmental groups are concerned the GE sugar beet will contaminate organic table beets and Swiss chard and successfully petitioned a judge for an injunction against GE crops. In November 2010, a federal judge ordered 256 acres of GE sugar beet seedlings to be destroyed and placed a moratorium on future planting until a thorough environmental study can be conducted.

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