Taco Truck Secrets

By Cyrus Farivar, "The Ultimate Taco," May/June 2010

Discover the secret to making the best tacos in town. Plus: Bruce Aidells shares his recipes.

"These are excellent recipes and real crowd pleasers. I've had nothing but rave reviews every time I've made them. Go to a hispanic grocery to find nearly everything you'll need to make these yummy recipes! "

While amateur taqueros may not have such a small kitchen at home, Aidells says they can make tacos just as smoothly by getting all their ingredients prepped and then setting them up in a spot where they can make a taco assembly line. If you’re making the grilled fish tacos or the grilled chicken tostadas, “you might want to have your buffet near the grill,” Aidells added. “Our backyard is arranged for grilling, so things can go right from the grill to the buffet table so they don’t have time to cool down.” If that’s not possible in your home, Aidells also said that in his recipes “everything rewarms beautifully.”

Though I love to keep up with the latest taco-truck trends, for me it doesn’t get any better than the authentic homemade Mexican food Anaya serves. You may be too far away to stop by his truck for a taco, but you can always create your own taco truck at home. If this food isn’t divine, then I don’t know what is.

Cyrus Farivar is the editor and founder of He discovered Oakland’s plethora of taco trucks while at Berkeley. More recently he’s led a series of bicycle rides—“Tours de Tacos”—in Fruitvale.

Cookbook author Bruce Aidells splits his time between the Bay Area and Sonoma, and happily visits taco trucks in both places.

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