The Future of Milk

By David Goodman, "The Future of Milk," July/August 2010

As small dairy farms are vanishing, what is happening to our milk?

"Skip the milk produced by the big commercial dairy farms. Better yet, go vegan or vegetarian and support dairy and cattle farmers that switch to growing vegetables and fruit which are more healthy and ecological alternatives. Too much of...

Keep Local Farms ( is another new initiative for New England dairy farmers that follows a Fair Trade model, using an icon to indicate that the farmer who produced it was paid a fair price that helps cover his production costs. Keep Local Farms educates the public about dairy farming and solicits contributions to support the farms on its website and in Hannaford supermarkets around the Northeast. Finally, Keep Local Farms has signed up universities, such as Harvard and the University of Vermont, each of which charges 10 cents extra for single-serve milk sold in its student stores and contributes the proceeds to Keep Local Farms, which in turn distributes the money to participating farms.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a longtime defender of family farms, told me, “We can’t have concentration of ownership in an industry that results in farmers getting unfair prices. As consumers, we have to support local farmers and dairy by purchasing high-quality fresh products rather than supporting huge factory conglomerates.”

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