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"when did you publish this article? Also banning it won't help, it will make things worse. "

Banning Fast Food restaurants will not help people eat healthier, I'm sure most people would just drive further to find them anyway. It all comes down to people taking responsibility for their own actions and choosing not to make a steady diet of the bad foods they serve and choosing healthier items it would force these places to change or close down. But, of course since people are allowed to sue because coffee is too hot and get away with it proves most people will not take responsibility for their actions and would rather sue then admit their own stupidity. So banning these restaurants only serves to take jobs from teenagers and retirees and for people who only get 1/2 hour for lunch or forgot their lunch a side salad is better than nothing. But I do beleive someday people will start to take responsibility for their actions and that will be a whole new set of questions for your readers to comment on.. Can't wait!! But that's just my opinion!! Merry Christmas to all!

Cynthia Allen, Reading, PA

09/01/2009 - 11:31am

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