Should the U.S. Ban Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

Three questions for biologist Lisa Weasel on GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

In 1996, U.S. farmers planted the first commercial genetically modified (GM) seeds. Some were engineered to resist herbicides so farmers could apply weed-killing herbicides without destroying their crops. Others contained genes to keep pest insects at bay. Today, about 92 percent of all soy and 80 percent of all corn grown in the U.S. is GM. These crops feed the animals that feed us, and they provide the bulk of our sweeteners and cooking oil. In fact, more than 70 percent of processed foods sold in the United States have ingredients from GM crops.

Yet GM crops remain controversial. France, Italy, Japan and several other countries have banned them because of health concerns and worries that GM crops may spread their engineered traits to other plants. Although company-funded studies and the FDA have labeled these foods as safe, a few preliminary studies suggest they are responsible for allergies, decreased fertility and super-weeds. “Genetically modified foods are a very misunderstood issue in this country,” says Lisa Weasel, a biologist at Portland State University and a member of Oregon’s task force on developing policy for biopharmaceutical crops. Her latest book, Food Fray: Inside the Controversy over Genetically Modified Foods (AMACOM, 2009), takes readers to the frontlines of the debate.



Never, and I mean NEVER believe what you read or hear unless you know for a FACT that it is out of a certified Medical or Scientific Journal where Scientific Studies and Facts are published on real experiments using Genetically Modified Organisms. If you have stated an opinion, but have not ever bothered to pick up a medical or scientific journal and read it, along with its factual data on real experiments, or you have based your opinion on something you read somewhere in a "health" magazine that you should or should not use, eat, or do something, you have no educated clue on what you are talking about, good or bad regarding the subject. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Educate yourself thoroughly with resources that are valid on all aspects of the subject pros and cons, then share your opinion. State what journals and studies you base your opinions on to make your point and stop with the incessant clueless, pointless, sometimes humorous, but ridiculous and non-productive chatter.


06/08/2016 - 6:44pm

eat the way god wanted you to eat, people! who knows what GMOs will do


04/25/2016 - 9:51am

GMO foods should get banned. They are trolling everyone. TROLOLOLO.


11/11/2015 - 11:45am

They sent human rice to third world countries.They are making vegan cheese with human gene strands.China is making cows with human breast milk. Has any of these idiots ever heard of Mad Cow Disease? Mad people disease anyone? This is dangerous and something bad is going to happen.


01/03/2015 - 7:02pm

An MIT PHD's study states that by 2025 at the present rate of acceleration one in every 2 children will have autism from an ingredient in round up weed killer.Seralini study in France that BT corn caused cancer in rats was refuted but it was republished.and is now vindicated. America is getting sicker.It is obvious now that something is up with our countrys health. It is the rampant use of round up weed killer and corn that is classified as a legal insecticide. The bees are dying, the butterflies and now us.Wake up and ban this crap.


12/30/2014 - 11:27am

This is like reading the funny paper. Yall idiots know nothing about farming or food.


08/04/2013 - 3:28am

Monsanto sleeps very well with all the money they are making. Their motto is "no food will be grown that we don't own". They are making this a reality as fast as they can. Read Ty Bolinger's book "Cancer- Step Outside the Box. You will find out just how corrupt the whole system is. Monsanto gets their way with the FDA because the top execs at the FDA used to work for Monsanto. FDA passes Monsanto products without testing or fake tests. 3/4 of Monsanto's political campaign money goes to Republicans. The pharmaceudical (big pharma) companies are also in the tangled web. They give money to medical schools and tell them not to teach alternative methods of healing so they churn out graduates that only know treat the symptoms with big pharma poisons and don't go after the cause of the disease. If you look at the ads on tv you will see all Rx drugs you take for one thing will give you something else so that's great repeat business for doctors and big pharma. It's ALL about money. Start doing your own research on alternative healing. There are many many cures for cancer, even stage 4. They do not involve slash, poison or burn. Learn about alkalyzing your body. Disease can't live in an alkaline environment. That includes cancer. I research alternative methods and GMO issues at least 60 hours a week. I have learned how to shop at the grocery. You have to read EVERY single label and know what to look for. Yes it takes longer in the beginning but soon you will know what brands you should or shouldn't buy. Take the time to educate others. Tell your friends and even strangers you talk to in the store. It's the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family.


10/26/2011 - 10:14am

Once they are in the ground, it is done. The soil, water, etc is contaminated. Why we would knowingly do this to our FOOD supply is beyond me, oh wait, it is about MONEY. Monsanto (the company pushing through legislation) is a chemical company holding many of the patents for the GMO's. Their greed and selfishness is staggering. "I'm sorry" doesn't fix the problems that the GMO's will/have created.

We are paying our farmers NOT to grow food but we are perfectly willing to destroy, possibly forever, our seed supply! There is no going back.


07/19/2011 - 12:35pm

I am just learning and researching this topic for myself and my family, thank you all for some great "food for thought" I am not anywhere near educated enough to comment on specifics however I will tell you this stuff scares the heck out of me! I agree that this is going to be a huge generational problem years down the road if not acted on now. I have learned with some self awareness and study I can be an educated consumer for my family and will continue to do so, I must say it is very empowering :)



03/29/2011 - 11:50am

Absolutely, they should be banned.....the FDA's "seal of approval" is no comfort to me. Look around, they are obviously NOT doing their job, and need to be held accountable. This is not about politics people; there happen to be people in all political parties in both ditches. We need to look at the facts, and at the raw, unaltered truth in every issue, not just this one. I'm not for depriving people in third world countries that desperately need better roads and better, more modern means of getting their produce to market so that they can provide for their families. We need to feed the world, not contaminate it!


03/11/2011 - 12:47pm

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