How Nick McCrory, 2012 Olympic Hopeful, Eats to Win

By Michelle Edelbaum, "Olympic Appetites," July/August 2012

The world’s fastest, fittest athletes are competing in the summer Games, but what fuels their power? We talked to Olympic hopeful Nick McCrory, 20, a diver, about how he eats to win.

What’s the best nutrition advice you’ve ever received?
Nick McCrory: Want a gold medal or an ice cream cone?

How many calories a day do you eat?
Nick McCrory: I eat around 2,500 calories a day.

Are there any foods you won’t eat?
Nick McCrory: Mayonnaise! And fast foods in general I usually try to stay away from.

What kind of junk food do you allow yourself, if you allow it?
Nick McCrory: Ice cream is my biggest weakness, but I don’t think that the occasional bowl of ice cream for dessert is necessarily too bad.

What’s your biggest eating challenge?
Nick McCrory: My biggest eating challenge is whenever I am just finished with practice I always am so ravenous and can eat anything that is in front of me. Also, I don’t always crave the healthiest foods then.

Photo: Courtesy Mitchell Haaseth / NBC Olympics

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