EatingWell Interviews Robert Lustig on America's Obesity Epidemic

By Rachael Moeller Gorman, "3 Questions for the Sugar Warrior," January/February 2013

We talk with Robert Lustig about the role of government in obesity issues, why sugar is addictive and how people can lose weight.

"After reading about what Dr. Lustig says about sugar I have completely changed the way I eat. I was under the false assumption that fruit juice, honey and agave were healthy for me. Now that I know the truth I try very hard not to eat...

What do you tell people who want to lose weight?
“A calorie is not a calorie. Low-sugar, high-fiber foods cause lower blood sugar peaks, less insulin release and less weight gain. That’s called real food. The other way to manage weight is to burn glucose so you don’t need insulin. That’s called exercise.”

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