3 Fermented Drinks to Try: Kombucha, Kefir and Kefir Water

3 Fermented Drinks to Try: Kombucha, Kefir,and Kefir Water Photo Courtesy of The SHED, Peden & Munk Photographers

Find out what is kombucha, what is kefir and kefir health benefits.

There’s a wide world of fermentation that has nothing to do with alcohol. This natural process transforms the taste and consistency of foods—turning water into creamy kefir water and tea into bubbly kombucha.

The microbes involved in fermentation have gut-friendly probiotic effects. Plus fermentation creates beneficial by-products, such as B vitamins. While some people assert that these fermented drinks carry additional benefits, such as improved immunity and even cancer prevention, there’s little evidence in human studies to back these claims. Studies that do show some benefit are preliminary and in animals.

Here are 3 fermented drinks to try:

—Gretel H. Schueller

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