10 Top Food and Health Trends in 2013 (Page 7)

Adult Jello

Pictured Recipe: Champagne Raspberry Jello

6. Adult Jello

This is not what it might sound like, I swear. By “adult” jello I just mean that grownups have co-opted the packaged, dyed, flavored powder that was the staple of so many 9-year-old birthday parties and frat-house debauches. Hipster mixologists and top chefs are creating their own jiggly, rainbow-colored gelatin-based concoctions with spirits, fresh fruits and all sorts of creative shapes and molds. This is actually a good thing, since many of these gelatin desserts are fat-free and can be low in calories if you use natural flavorings. I love the EatingWell recipe for Champagne Raspberry Jello and other homemade jello recipes.

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