May/June 2010 Table of Contents

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4 | Recipe Index (pdf format)

8 | From the Editor: Feeding Happiness

11 | Feedback & Letters

92 | Nourish: All You Can Eat by Sheila Himmel


Nutrition Report

44 | Captain of the Happier Meal
Joe Hibbeln, M.D., believes our diet is making us depressed, addicted and violent. He thinks he’s found a simple solution. By Rachael Moeller Gorman

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Recipes in Season

52 | Bake a Better Cupcake
Four scrumptious treats you’ll feel good about sharing with everyone you love. By Stacy Fraser

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60 | Elements of a Power Salad
Is it time to break out of your salad rut? Here are 6 fresh and flavorful recipes for power salads to fuel your day. Recipes by Nancy Baggett

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On Location

68 | The Ultimate Taco
Two aficionados meet up to learn the secrets behind making the best tacos in town. By Cyrus Farivar | Recipes by Bruce Aidells

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A Farm on Wheels | The Healthiest Way to Eat Rhubarb? | Three Cheers for Better Blood Pressure |
The Sweet Secret of Successful Dieters | Editors’ Picks, and more

23 | Healthy in a Hurry

24 | Weeknight Meals: Quick Mediterranean Suppers

32 | 4 Ways: Top-Notch Tofu Recipes

37 | Vegetable Wise: Snow Pea Sides

42 | See It, Make It: Easy Treats with Sweet Cherries

79 | From Our Test Kitchen

80 | Techniques: Got extra produce? Freeze it. | Plus 3 simple recipes and our favorite vacuum sealers.

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85 | Tips & Notes: Sources, special ingredients and more

Recipe Guidelines, Nutrient Analysis & Recipe Index (pdf format)

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