May/June 2012 Letters to the Editor

May/June 2012

You Read Us Because...

Rowan Jacobsen's eloquent "Swimming Upstream" (March/April) drops us into Alaska: I can feel, even smell, the essence of the place. He excites us to think about what we eat, where it comes from and why we should care. I, for one, will take the side of Alaska salmon, a precious gift, raise my voice to ensure their protection and prepare them with more appreciation!
—Lorraine Tesmer

You Loved…

I loved the March/April article "The Breakfast Club" and made the Breakfast Fruit Bread Pudding this morning. Amazing! I have the Sweet-&-Sour Meatballs in my sights as well as the braised greens panini. I was also happy to have the Nourish column back. As the foodie cook in our family, I connected with the idea of the relaxing nature of cooking a good meal—even with three kids screaming at my ankles!
—Betsy Sarks Marte

I spent a whole afternoon devoted to EatingWell's last two issues and I had to write to you about the great March/April Nourish "My Husband, the Chef." Reading Marcelle Soviero was like reading a novel.
—Pat Marzano

I really do appreciate your listening to EatingWell readers like me. Thank you for bringing back all of those longer stories, big photos and design elements that many readers wrote you about. Fortunately you did come through and my wife and I are very pleased. So please feel good that EatingWell readers are rejoicing as I write this.
—Phillip Rouillard

You Suggested…

I was really surprised that in the March/April issue you encouraged wastefulness by advising readers to dis­card half of their egg yolks when making egg salad. I find that draining and chopping firm silken tofu and mixing it with the fewer chopped eggs serves the same purpose of reducing saturated fat and cholesterol consumption, plus it gives the added benefits of soy. The tofu and egg white are similar in consistency and relatively flavorless, so even those who think they don't like tofu will find this an acceptable alternative.
—Barbara Elliott, M.S., R.D., L.D.
Editor's reply: Great suggestion—now we can't wait for lunch!

@EatingWell asks…

What are your favorite salad toppings?

@deathofchivalry: Corn and dried cranberries or avocado and bleu cheese! #yumsalad

@MCowan31415: Gorgonzola, apples, and pecans on mixed greens w/homemade Dijon vinaigrette is fav.

@dittlerachel: Throw in a nut, fruit, and low-fat/fat-free cheese and the salad can't fail!

@IllumeWellness: ...lots of veggies, beans, and the dressing is mashed avocado with lemon & sea salt. :)

Tip from a Facebook friend…

Any kind of white fish can easily be prepared in a buttered dish with some orange juice sprinkled on it and slices of oranges laid on top with fresh parsley. Bake at 400°F until flaky. It comes out great every time!
—Nicole Nowicki Peterson

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