May/June 2009 Letters to the Editor

Return of the Buffalo, Bees, A Delicious Way to Lose and more.

The Return of the Buffalo

Thank you for the article and recipes featuring bison meat [“Buffalo Are Back,” March/April 2009]. Imagine my delight when my April issue arrived only hours after I’d placed some locally raised ground bison to thaw in the refrigerator. My planned-for chili dish changed to Turkish Pasta with Bison Sauce—the flavors are both complex and exotic. Thank you for bringing this richly flavored, healthy and sustainable meat to the attention of your readers. Bison truly is a red meat you can feel good about!

—Petra Zimmermann, Muncie, IN

Bee Story  

Rowan Jacobsen’s article on the collapse of honeybees, “...Or Not to Bee,” is timely and not just important but critical. It makes me wonder why, if those empty beehives are brimming with honey, no insect or other organism is raiding them. For me, that is beyond worrisome: those little critters somehow know that providence has been poisoned.

John  Halder, Parnell, IA

Editor’s reply: Irradiation is one method of ­making some foods safer, but you’re right, it’s not the only solution. Stay tuned for our upcoming special report on food safety.

A Delicious Way to Lose!

I really connected with “A Delicious Way to Diet” [January/February 2009] and much of the advice mirrored what I have heard from a nutritionist. The article sure got me motivated. I’ve lost 10 pounds, improved my blood sugar, reduced my total cholesterol by 50 points, and increased my HDL by 20 points.

— Jane Mudgett, Tulsa, OK

Love at First Sight

I just discovered EatingWell Magazine and I simply cannot put it down! Never have I encountered a publication as amazing as this one. From the recipes, to the informative articles, to your focus on eco-friendly lifestyle choices and sustainable foods...the list goes on and on! You are making a difference, one reader at a time!

— Kristina Poirier, Rockford, MI K

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