March/April 2009 Letters to the Editor

Easy Breads, Budget Meals and more.

A Bread Winner

Like Nancy Baggett I grew up in a bread-making family but somehow, that skill did not pass on to me. Her “Easy-Bake Breads” article [January/February 2009] promising great cold-rise yeast breads caught my attention. I gave bread baking one more try! Just as in Ms. Baggett’s case, the aroma of yeast breads baking filled my home and the results were as promised. Thank you for helping to bring back one of our Appalachian family traditions.

—Dorothy Drass, Big Pool, MD

Thank you for the no-knead bread article and recipes. I have been interested in the technique for some time now but most of the instructions I have come across have been rather “involved.” Nancy Baggett has really simplified the process and I tried the seeded multigrain boule immediately. Result—I have pre-ordered the Kneadlessly Simple book and am impatiently awaiting its arrival.

—Carol Kozak, Calgary, Alberta

Budget Meals 

The January/February article about food costs [Fresh, “Food Costs—on the Rise?”] made me gasp! The average pay in the town where I live is about $34,000 (gross) a year, or about $453.84 weekly (net) or $25,415. I wish our weekly food expenditures were $70.50. My current weekly food bill for a family of four is $200 minimum (I plan on $50 per person). Now, the good news: I made the microwave chips, but instead of potato I used eggplant, and I sprayed a light coat of olive oil on the eggplant. They were crispy, delicious and healthier!

Monda Kelley, Brandon, VT

Editor’s reply: The $70.50 figure was for a single person, so you are shopping wisely for four!


Chips Ahoy!

I’m not much of a microwave cook, but the concept of microwave potato chips was intriguing [From Our Test Kitchen, “Super Snacks”]. I peeled and sliced two potatoes and created the best potato chips ever. We have both fat and sodium issues at our house and these are the perfect solution. .

— Lynne Frost, Fontana, WI

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