September/October 2013 Table of Contents

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6 | Recipe Index (pdf format)

10 | New on

12 | Our Contributors

12 | Feedback

112 | Nourish: Family Recipes Revisited
By Calvin Hennick


54 | Every Last Crumb
Stale bread takes on new life as an ingredient for outstanding soups, salads, casseroles and more.
By Emily Horton

64 | Chileman & The Pope of Peppers
With nicknames like these, clearly Dave DeWitt & Paul Bosland are a bit obsessed. They go deep into why chiles are the most irresistible pain-inducing food around.
By Daniel Duane | Recipes by Dave DeWitt

76 | Frozen Assets
Stock your freezer with healthy, homemade dinners and you’ve got an investment you can cash in any night of the week.
By Carolyn Malcoun

88 | The Truth About Food Labels
The claims on food packages range from utterly ridiculous to actually helpful. Here’s how to sort through the clutter and know what really matters.
By Rachael Moeller Gorman

Good Taste • Health • Life

17 | New Reasons to Eat Apples
18 | Reduce Your Food Waste
20 | Farming for the Future
23 | Produce-Packed Juice Recipes
26 | How to Pick a Healthy Peanut Butter
26 | Are You Getting Enough Protein?
28 | By the Numbers: Salt, Sugar, Fat

Healthy in a Hurry

31 | Weeknights: 1 Bag of Groceries, 5 Fast Dinners

40 | 4 Ways: Boxed Broth Is the Start of Delicious Fall Meals

47 | Fresh Picks: Grapes: So Much More Than a Snack

Test Kitchen

103 | Techniques: Killer Chili

106 | Makeovers: Cornbread in a Jiffy

108 | Ask Stacy: Oven-Drying Apples

109 | Tips & Notes

Recipe Guidelines, Nutrient Analysis & Recipe Index

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