November/December 2012 Table of Contents

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2 | Recipe Index (pdf format)

4 | From the Editor: Menus to the Rescue

8 | Contributors & Feedback

96 | Nourish: In Memory's Kitchen
By Monica Bhide


46 | Changing Tastes
Eat better and love it: You can use all 5 senses to learn to love healthy foods. Here’s how.
By Holly Pevzner

American Holidays

52 | A Simple Celebration
Savor the bounty of the Americas, from juicy turkey and wild rice to cranberries and chocolate, with this easy, delicious Thanksgiving menu.
By Lia Huber

62 | Amazing Grains
Transform whole grains into appetizers, sides, desserts and main dishes that will be the talk of all your holiday celebrations.
By Maria Speck

70 | Sides to Impress (without the stress)
These easy vegetable sides are done in no time, but look and taste like you’ve been working in the kitchen for hours.
By the EatingWell Test Kitchen

78 | A Slice of Heaven
Go beyond basic apple or pumpkin this year and try one of these out-of-this-world holiday pies.
By Stacy Fraser

Good Life • Taste • Health

11 | Nature's Candy | Easy Thanksgiving Calorie Burn | Homemade Gifts | Eat to Beat the Winter Blues | Best-Choice Breakfast Cereals | New Reasons to Drink Tea

Healthy in a Hurry

23 | Weeknights: Dinner Parties in 30 Minutes

33 | Fresh Picks: Rooting for Turnips

38 | 4 Ways: Tomatoes All Winter

Test Kitchen

89 | Techniques: Restaurant-Worthy Steaks and Sauces in Minutes

94 | Tips & Notes

Recipe Guidelines, Nutrient Analysis & Recipe Index

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