May/June 2011 Table of Contents

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6 | Recipe Index (pdf format)

8 | From the Editor: The Sweetest Season

10 | Feedback & Letters

88 | Nourish: Finger Food By Monica Bhide


Cooking Class

48 | The Joy of Meatless
Sure, skipping meat is good for the planet, but the latest science is showing just how good it is for you too. Here’s one woman’s foray into a delicious new approach to cooking. By Rachael Moeller Gorman | Recipes from EatingWell Fast & Flavorful Meatless Meals by Jessie Price & the EatingWell Test Kitchen

Web Extra: Community: Meatless Meetup

Recipes in Season

56 | All-Star Potluck
Seven celebrity chefs. Six recipes. One amazing potluck. And you’re invited. By Jessie Price | Recipes by Mario Batali, Jamie & Bobby Deen, Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Ming Tsai, Jasper White

Web Extra: Why Jamie Deen Loves Potlucks

64 | Sweet Summer
Forget pie—one taste of old-fashioned fruit desserts like grunts, slumps, betties and crisps will transport you to the long, lazy summer days of your childhood. By Marie Simmons

A Taste of Place

70 | Digging Dinner
Healthy, sustainable, affordable and succulent. What’s not to love about mussels, clams and oysters? By Rowan Jacobsen | Recipes by John Ash

Web Extra: Video: How to Shuck Oysters


Curb Overeating | Zero-Waste Restaurants | Celebrity Food Cart for a Cause | The New Obesity Czar | 3 Foods to Fuel Your Workout | Eat This for Glowing Skin

23 | Healthy in a Hurry

24 | Weeknights: Easy, healthy Mexican dinners

33 | Pick of the Season: Fresh ways to use rhubarb

36 | 4 Ways: Fixing healthier burgers

42 | Nutrition Report: America's New Food Rules By Karen Ansel, M.S., R.D.

81 | From Our Test Kitchen

82 | Techniques: How to make your own stuffed grape leaves

85 | Tips & Notes: Learn the best way to grate citrus zest, why you should rinse quinoa and more

Recipe Guidelines, Nutrient Analysis & Recipe Index

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