July/August 2013 Table of Contents

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4 | Recipe Index (pdf format)

6 | From the Editor: A Salad Days Smackdown

8 | Contributors

10 | Feedback

104 | Nourish: Buried Treasure
By Biddle Duke


27 | Energy Crisis
Energy drinks are big business. But can they safely deliver the kick you crave?
By Karen Ansel, M.S., R.D.

62 | Bill and the Beanstalk
Bill Best so loved the quirky green beans his mother grew that he set out to preserve vanishing heirloom varieties. Today other farmers are following suit and bringing a new world of beans to farmers’ markets and dinner tables.
By Jane Black | Recipes by Ronni Lundy

70 | It’s Pizza, It’s Salad, It’s… Pizz’alad!
Take the virtues of salad and the culinary perfection of pizza, combine them and you have one memorable meal.
By Hilary Meyer

78 | Entertaining Grains
Healthy grains bring new life to hearty summer salads.
By Anna Thomas

86 | A Spoonful of Summer
Imagine all the goodness of summer’s freshest vegetables and herbs blended in a refreshing, chilled soup: it’s gazpacho season, so get chopping!
By Lisa Gosselin | Recipes by Carolyn Casner

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13 | Good News About Lobster
14 | Recipes for Change
16 | Should You Try The FastDiet?
18 | Smart Slim-Down Strategies
20 | Outstanding Salad Dressings
23 | What's Your Fridge IQ?

Healthy in a Hurry

33 | Weeknights: 5 Classic Dinner Salads

43 | Fresh Picks: Beautiful Zucchini Recipes

51 | 4 Ways: Juicy Ground Turkey

57 | Makeovers: A Healthier Flag Cake

Test Kitchen

93 | Techniques: Fruit Sorbet in 5 Easy Steps

98 | Ask Stacy: How to Cook & Shell Lobster

100 | Tips & Notes

Recipe Guidelines, Nutrient Analysis & Recipe Index

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