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2 | Recipe Index (pdf format)

4 | From the Editor: You're Invited

6 | Contributors

10 | Feedback

84 | Nourish: Growing Roots
By Lisa Gosselin


40 | What We've Learned: Our 10 Essential Nutrition Lessons
Nutrition science has evolved by leaps in the past decade. Here's what we know now—and didn't then.
By Karen Ansel, M.S., R.D.

46 | 10 Tastiest Recipes of the Last Ten Years
Celebrate with us by cooking up this feast of our favorites.

60 | Sweet Summer Corn
The wholesome corn you grew up with is still there to savor in its short season. So why the controversy?
By Barry Estabrook | Recipes by the EatingWell Test Kitchen

68 | Sushi for the Future
Bun Lai creates crazy, healthy, sustainable and affordable sushi. You can too.
By Lisa Gosselin | Recipes by Bun Lai


13 | GoodLife: Olympic Appetites | Pack a Greener Picnic

16 | GoodTaste: Healthy Frozen Yogurt Toppings | Ultimate DIY Energy Bar

20 | GoodHealth: Is Juicing Healthy? | 5 Ways to Beat Overeating

Healthy in a Hurry

25 | Weeknights: Make-Ahead Picnic Recipes

35 | Fresh Picks: Easy, Tasty Green Beans

38 | Sweet Treat: A Quick, Cool Dessert

Test Kitchen

77 | Techniques: 10 Secrets to Healthy Cooking
Peach-Raspberry Pie

Recipe Guidelines, Nutrient Analysis & Recipe Index

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