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2 | Recipe Index (pdf format)

4 | From the Editor: A New Year and A New You

6 | Contributors

8 | Feedback

96 | Nourish: What I Know
By Diane Goodman


52 | The Town That Lost 7,961 Pounds
Could a town once known for its beer, its butter and its bratwurst get its citizens to lose weight, lower their cholesterol and eat better? In an amazing experiment, New Ulm did. Here's how.
By Rachael Moeller Gorman

62 | The Taste of the Tropics
The taste of coconut can transport you to a warmer, sunnier place. With these recipes you can enjoy it in all its forms.
By Lisa Gosselin & Karen Ansel, M.S., R.D. | Recipes by Katie Webster

72 | Power Soups
Simmer up one of these soul-warming soups, packed with vegetables and nutrients, low in calories and hearty enough to fuel your day.
By Joyce Hendley

80 | Creamy Winter Comfort
Chef John Ash shares his secret formula for rich, creamy dishes with a fraction of the calories and saturated fat.
By Melissa Pasanen | Recipes by John Ash

Good Taste • Health • Life

11 | It's Fresh Papaya Time!
12 | Super Bowl Snack Picks
14 | 7 Easy Chocolate Desserts
16 | New Reasons to Eat Early
18 | 3 Questions for the Sugar Warrior
20 | Can the Google Diet Work for You?

Healthy in a Hurry

23 | Weeknights: Eat More, Weigh Less:
Five quick, healthy dinners, plus our 5-Day Slim-Down Meal Plan

37 | Fresh Picks: Great Grapefruit Recipes

42 | 4 Ways: Use Frozen Peas in New Ways

49 | Makeovers: Fabulous Fishwiches

Test Kitchen

89 | How to make healthier meatloaf

92 | A 60-calorie cookie

93 | The skinny on cooking spray

94 | Tips & Notes

Recipe Guidelines, Nutrient Analysis & Recipe Index

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