July/August 2014 Table of Contents

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4 | Editor's Letter

6 | Feedback

24 | Nourish: Remembrance of Things Lost
By Diane Goodman

98 | Recipe & Nutrition Index (pdf format)

100 | Tastemakers: The Zimmermans, Hayden Flour Mills


54 | Festive in the Field
For farm-to-table entertaining it doesn’t get any fresher than this meal from chef Tom Douglas at his farm in Prosser, Washington.
By Danielle Centoni

64 | Fire It Up for Chicken
Want succulent, juicy chicken every time? In this blow-out guide we give you everything you need to get perfect grilled chicken all summer long.
By Marge Perry & David Bonom

74 | The Land of Sun and Berries
In Finland, gathering wild summer berries is an obsession. Here's how to get a sweet taste of their delicious traditions.
By Darra Goldstein

82 | The Wild World Within
Scientists like Jeff Leach have uncovered a metropolis of microbes living in our guts. These little bugs might be the cornerstone of great health and have the potential to improve our weight, mood, allergies, heart health and more.
By Gretel H. Schueller


13 | Wonders of Watermelon
14 | 5 Healthier Road-Trip Snacks
16 | GMO Labeling: Pro & Con
18 | Shop Smart: Tortillas & Wraps
20 | Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth?
22 | How to Eat Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure

Healthy in a Hurry

27 | Weeknights: 20-Minute Suppers
36 | See It, Make It: Summer Sangrias
39 | In Season: Okra
By Virginia Willis
45 | Market Pick: Turkey Sausage

Test Kitchen

93 | Techniques: Ice cream pies
96 | Ask Stacy: Cast-iron care
97 | Tips & Notes

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