Our Favorite Takes on 5 of Summer’s Freshest Foods


Summer’s hot, sun-filled days bring a bounty of the year’s best foods. From juicy watermelon and peaches to vibrant fish and seafood, some of the tastiest opportunities to create delicious dishes are encountered in the middle months. 

When the food is this fresh, the recipes you pick should let it shine. Here’s some inspiration for cooking with a few of the season’s best flavors, so you can enjoy them just as nature intended.

Summer backyard BBQ

Mahi Mahi: Give fried fish tacos a rest this summer. The season for mahi mahi, a firm but flaky white fish, runs from April to late summer, so now’s the time to get fresh fillets from your fishmonger and grill them up for tacos. Before putting them on the heat, brush each fillet with Thrive® Algae Oil, and sprinkle with chili powder and salt. This culinary algae oil, which contains the highest level of monounsaturated fat and 75 percent less saturated fat than olive oil, has a smoke point of up to 485°, making it ideal for a high-heat grill. Wrap the grilled fish in a fresh corn tortilla and top with crispy cabbage slaw and a spritz of lime juice.

Green Beans: Summer-fresh green beans don’t need more than a quick dip in boiling water to be tender enough for a side dish. Blanch fresh, trimmed green beans and a few ears of corn for one minute, then transfer them to ice water to stop the cooking process. Now that they’re tenderized, you can get creative with your dressing and stir-ins. Shuck the corn, dice some red onion, chop a red bell pepper or two, add the beans. Then make a simple vinaigrette with your favorite oil, fresh lime juice, salt, pepper, and perhaps a little basil. Give everything a quick toss for an almost effortless summer-fresh green bean salad.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes belong on everything in summer: sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and more. They also stand alone in a classic appetizer like bruschetta. Combine diced ripe tomatoes with red wine vinegar, garlic, basil, and algae oil. This sustainably produced oil is delicious in dips, spreads, and marinades, thanks to a neutral flavor that doesn’t intrude on the taste. Combine the bruschetta ingredients a few hours before you plan to serve. Let guests scoop the juicy tomato topper onto toasted baguette rounds.

Peaches: The arrival of peaches in grocery stores and farmers’ markets heralds the peak of summer fruit season. When you tire of eating them whole—if that even happens—you can get a bit creative with your bushel of juicy, tender fruit. Make dessert for a barbecue by cutting peaches in half and removing the tough pit. Brush each peach with Thrive® Algae Oil, which has a light, neutral flavor and a high smoke point, and grill for three to four minutes. The heat caramelizes the fruit’s natural sugars and concentrates the floral sweetness, while the oil keeps it from sticking and falling apart. Top each peach half with whipped cream just before serving for an undeniably perfect summer dessert.

Shrimp: Summer shrimp is delicately sweet with a hint of the sea’s natural saltiness, and now is a wonderful time to prepare these quick-cooking shellfish on a hot grill or grill pan. To keep the pieces from rolling around, skewer the shrimp with other summer favorites, like chunks of onion, zucchini, and peppers. Brush with algae oil, season with paprika and garlic powder, and grill for five to eight minutes, flipping halfway through.

Let the beautiful flavors of summer’s freshest foods shine with Thrive® Algae Oil.