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If you love cooking new recipes, you won't want to miss our recipe slideshows- some of EatingWell's best healthy recipes hand-picked by the editors of EatingWell.
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"Make it Tonight"

Our daily recipe hand picked by the editors at One new recipe every day!
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EatingWell Menus

Menus for every occasion, created by our editors from some of their favorite recipes at Two new menus every week!
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EatingWell Blog

Our blog is updated every weekday by the editors at EatingWell with healthy, delicious recipes, health and food news and diet tips for weight loss and health. A new blog post every weekday!
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What is an RSS Feed?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a format for sharing web-based content, and an RSS feed is a service that provides content in this format. offers several recipe-related RSS feeds. Each feed includes several recipe items and/or menus along with descriptions and links to more information.

How do I use the EatingWell RSS Feed?
There are multiple ways to use RSS feeds. When you are at some web browsers, such as Safari (most recent version), allow you to view RSS feeds simply by clicking on the RSS or XML icon in the far right of the address bar. Other portal websites allow you to collect, update and display RSS feeds. An example is Yahoo’s “RSS Headlines” feature of the My Yahoo! personalized area. Click on the My Yahoo! button above next to the feed you’d like to add to your MyYahoo page. You may also download a news aggregator or reader, a program that collects, updates and displays your chosen RSS feeds. Most of these programs are free, such as Pluck and News Interceptor. (there’s an extensive list at Weblogs and personal web pages can incorporate RSS feeds as well. Examples of blog hosts include and

What kind of content does EatingWell syndicate via RSS? offers feeds in RSS 2.0 format. Please see the terms of use section below for more information. Two different link styles are provided for each feed. Clicking a portal button will subscribe you directly into your portal page. If you prefer a news reader use the XML button. This button links directly to the RSS file–some news readers will allow you to "drag" this button into the reader to subscribe.

What are the terms of use? provides RSS content feeds free of charge for use by individuals and non-profit organizations for personal non-commercial uses. Use of’s RSS feeds are encouraged, so long as you provide proper attribution to and don’t alter the content.

If you provide this attribution in text, please use: "" If you provide this attribution with a graphic, please use the EatingWell logo provided within each of the feeds. We reserve all rights in and to the EatingWell logo, and your right to use the EatingWell logo is limited to providing attribution in connection with these RSS feeds. reserves the right to require you to cease accessing or distributing these feeds at any time and for any reason.

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