EatingWell KitchenTable Community Guidelines

EatingWell's KitchenTable Community is a place you can connect with others for honest conversation about good food and health, cooking and sustainability. We want to foster a supportive and positive environment and we moderate the site with that mission in mind. Let us know when you do have comments—good and bad! All our recipes and articles have comment boxes at the end. We love your feedback—it just helps us get better.

There are some rules we observe when posting comments in discussions and groups and uploading photos and videos. While the following rules don’t cover every possible situation, they explain the basics of contributing on

By making posts and submissions, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules…

Please Do:
• Be positive and helpful. Do everything you can to make others feel welcome.
• Be respectful. Show others the courtesy you would expect in return. Respect everyone’s opinions, even though you might not agree with someone. Polite and friendly disagreement ensures a diversity of opinions are heard and keeps our exchanges honest.
• Report violations. We ask our community members to let us know of any problems. Click the “Report” link on any comment to notify us of inappropriate posts and report any abusive activity. We’re committed to keeping abuse-free, but we rely on your help to make a difference.
• Understand that posts made by members do not necessarily reflect the views of EatingWell and should not be taken as professional cooking or medical advice.
• Understand that recipe reviews, discussion and group posts, photos and videos, profiles, any other member-submitted content and community activity are subject to the terms of our User Agreement and are the property of EatingWell Media Group. Inappropriate posts will be removed and we reserve the right to move or remove any posting without notice or explanation at our sole discretion. We cannot commit to removing every post that falls outside these rules. We also can’t promise 100% consistency in moderating; differences in each situation may lead to different decisions.

Please Don’t:
• Use profanity or explicit content in photos, comments, videos or other member-submitted content. • Post profile pictures that might be considered “inappropriate.”
• Make any posts that could be interpreted as threatening or harassment.
• Post anything that isn’t rightfully yours. We don’t want you to upload anything that is not yours unless you have permission, license or have proper attribution. If you do, we will take appropriate action and terminate your account.
• Don’t take your aggressions out on other members. Don’t “yell” by typing in all caps. Don’t harass, abuse, impersonate or intimidate others. We will remove your post or comment and send a warning or terminate your account.
• Don’t spam, advertise or promote products or services. Posts created with commercial intent are not permitted and will be removed. No links that solicit for donations, contest votes, advertise a product or promote a direct competitor’s website are allowed. You can inquire about paying to advertise on by using the Online Advertising Contacts link at the bottom of every page.
• Do not create fake accounts to skirt these rules. The use of multiple accounts or the use/theft of other people’s identities when posting is strictly forbidden.

Thank you for helping to create and foster a positive, helpful community. Now join the fun and see what we’re talking about!

Want to post or write about an EatingWell recipe or article?

We love that you write about our recipes and articles, comment on them, adapt them and share them. That’s what cooking is all about. We truly appreciate your comments. When you post an EatingWell recipe, to abide by copyright laws (which protect the original authors of recipes and articles), please respect these guidelines:
1. Rather than post the full recipe or article, please just link to it on, unless you would like to establish a licensing agreement. For licensing click here.
2. Please do not lift or post EatingWell photos on your pages, unless you would like to pay photo rights to our photographers.

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