Girlfriends' Diet Club: The Weight-Loss Program That Helped 3 Women Lose 60 Pounds

By Kristyn Kusek Lewis, "Girlfriends' Diet Club," January/February 2014

Three women discovered they shared the same goal: to lose 20 pounds and keep it off. Here’s how they developed their own weight-loss program to slim down—and how you can too.

One afternoon, just as Judy Lester was headed out of town with her family, her neighbor Nancy Roscigno called to say that her dinner was ready. “At the end of the driveway, Nancy handed me a delectable chicken dish through the car window,” says Judy. “It was hot, beautifully prepared and such a treat to be able to eat that instead of fast food on the road.” Was this some sort of Southern hospitality taken to the extreme? Not exactly. While Judy, Nancy and Julie Slocum know a thing or two about being thoughtful neighbors, this particular meal exchange happened for entirely different reasons.

The three women, all mothers-of-two who live in a wooded neighborhood in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, have been cooking for each other since 2010 as part of their self-designed “diet dinner club.” Together, over six months, they met their weight-loss goals—and have since continued working together to keep the weight off.

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