YUK! WAY too sweet!

I made this with an amazing cut of local free range pork, so I expected it to be amazing. I followed recipe, even went out to buy chili sauce (splurged on heinz brand, despite that both brands have high fructose corn syrup-YUK!), excluded the chipotles b/c too spicy for my kids.

It was too much sauce, too wet, and WAY TOO SWEET. YUK! We can barely eat it. My daughter asked to have the sauce rinsed off (that helped) and my son didn't want seconds. This is unusual for both. Me, if I put enough chipotle Tabasco on it, i can tolerate it.

I will admit, being from Chapel Hill, NC, I'm not a fan of traditional sweet tomato-based BBQ sauce (though my son loves BBQ chips), we usually like vinegar-based sauces ,is that Lexington style? But this was WAY over the top. I'll have to try my own twist next time: NO added sugar, and see what happens.

Meat cooked nicely to shred
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