too time consuming for the result

I rated the Chicken and Stout Slow Cooker Stew last week and find this recipe similar in the prep time, which for me was well over one hour. Add another 1/2 hr for clean up. But the big problem I had was with the spiciness as others have said here. I also used 3 Tbsp of Berbere from the TeenyTinySpice Company and found it WAY too spicey, especially for the guests I had over, and I like spicey food. Foolishly, I did not read the spice can itself before I started which recommended starting with 2 Tbsp of spice for a normal recipe. It would likely have been much better with just the 2 Tbsp. I think EATING WELL should caution about using 5 Tbsp of Berbere. It would totally be inedibile with 5. The 2nd criticism is that the lentils were very mushy and on the plate it did kind of look a mess. I served with salad, couscous and naan. (probably one or the other would be best, couscous OR naan) All in all, unfortunately, I did not think this dish was worth the effort.

chicken moist/tender
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Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew
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