SOOO Good! I made this gluten-free and it was fabulous.

I made this using Udi's gluten free Italian breadcrumbs. I also did not dip in flour first, but rather added a little GF flour to my breadcrumbs and just did one dip in the egg whites and then one dip in the crumb/flour mixture. I cooked the eggplant on convection setting 425 for about 30 minutes, turning halfway through. Then at the end I broiled it on 450 convection (for about 5 minutes) to make it extra crispy. That way, after baking with the sauce and cheese, it still has some crispiness to it. Also, for the sauce, I used Hunts Fire Roasted Tomatoes and pureed them in a blender, adding fresh garlic, basil & oregano.

Healthy, but tastes decadent...
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Eggplant Parmesan
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