Since all of these reviews scared me into thinking it would be too bland...

I added a bunch of different stuff to spice it up!

I sauteed the tofu with onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne, and chopped garlic, and sauteed the sweet potatoes with all but the chopped garlic.

I ended up using 3 Tablespoons of the curry paste I chose (Patak's mild corriander and garlic curry paste,) and added some Thai Chili Garlic paste as well. I used some sour cream, cinnamon, vanilla flavoring, and a little more lime juice and salt than recommended.

I guess I used too many green beans/sweet potato, because I had to add a little more chicken broth near the end before I simmered it all.

Oh! And I used unsweetened Coconut Cream (on accident, actually,) and the consistency was very creamy and delicious.

In the end I was very pleased; not bland at all! It was very savory and filling, I served it over long grain brown rice.

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Red Curry with Vegetables
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