Questioning choice of ingredients

I love the premise of your magazine, "Eating Well" - would lead readers to trust your recipes as being healthy. However, as a nutrition researcher, especially concerned about the toxins in our foods (GMO's, carcinogens, pesticides, etc.), I cannot believe that you continue to advocate toxic canola oil (from Monsanto's (think DDT and RoundUp herbicides canola crops) and high-fructose corn sugar (the body does know the difference and for sure the mind should!), all-purpose flour and sugar - just Google these ingredients for the truth if there's any question. In my upcoming articles and books to start rolling out this month on Amazon, I share specifically how these toxic ingredients are dangerous along with much healthier alternatives and include some truly healthy recipes in my writing projects....Thank you for listening. I hope you will consider "healthifying" you otherwise great sounding recipes...

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Dark Fudgy Brownies
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