Pretty Delicious! Careful with the Chiles though!

Made the soup today, I must admit I am kind of a slow cook, but rushing through this it still took me about 1h30 total. Yes, the meatballs do take forever to make if you're making them at the size indicated, so letting the broth simmer that entire time does not seem right (I did not do this). I honestly thought the soup had a lot of flavor and was quite tasty, however I used TWO chiles and it was a bit too hot for my tastes (my Mexican family and my lives-for-spicy-food boyfriend LOVED it though, more than myself honestly) My only modification was using parsley instead of cilantro (Meijer was OUT, as usual).

Coolest part was it came out looking exactly like the image in EatingWell! :)

Simple enough to make, Ingredients are easy to find
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Chipotle Albondigas Soup
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