Potent Richness

Rich, potently flavors, thus satisfying. The richness struck me in a heavy sort of way, but pesto usually strikes me that way, so I shouldn't be surprised. Actually, I thought that, with this being a soup, the pesto aspect might be lighter *to me* - but it wasn't. Anyway, I can't eat much pesto at one time, but with this soup, that doesn't matter. The potent richness is very filling indeed. Hubs knows that I'm working towards meals with less meat, more beans, and loads of greens; and agrees that's a good idea in spite of his natural inclination to run the other direction! His first bite of this soup? He said that it was good, but that he was going to be slow about giving his opinion about this being a 'regular' in our new food line up. In the end, he affirmed that this was good enough for him. He's not what I used to think of as a meat and potatoes guy. Rather, he's a hamburger and fry kind of guy (oh, and pizza and etc.). So this is a big stretch for him. But he was apparently pleased. Not all of the things I try *&* like fly with him, but this did after he gave it some time. Thanks 'eatingwell'! One more good meal for our monthly lineup!

Good nutrition. Can prep chicken, pesto, & beans ahead and have them in the freezer for a quick meal
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