Not MY buddy

I’m sorry I had to give this recipe even one star in order to enter my review. It deserves no star at all. My entire family and I were totally disgusted and disappointed in this dish. I cannot imagine anyone actually liking this hideous concoction. First of all, putting all those veggies and nice fresh mushrooms in the food processor completely destroyed their textures except for the uneven chopping of the onion, which overpowered everything. The finished product resembled and tasted like (I would imagine) Alpo or a disgusting Hamburger Helper creation. And, the final, ridiculous garnishing of this bear sh_t with chopped chives was like putting a tiara on Golda Meir. I would not have the audacity to recommend this recipe to anyone and feel so ashamed that I had subjected my poor family to this turd of a meal. Do not waste your time, energy and $$ on this crap. I am so repulsed that I will NOT be testing any further recipes from this site and will stick to my usual repertoire and use only recipes from my tried and true sites from now on. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

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Hamburger Buddy
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