Not for me

I was really excited to make this for my husband and I. We prepared it the night before so it could marinate for the almost whole 24 hours it was allowed. The next day, I popped it into the broiler and my house was filled with the delicious scent of this entree cooking. When we sat down to eat it and cut into it, the meat was really reddish near the bone. The recipe does state that the meat will be that color, but the appearance was too much for us. We both did try some of the meat that looked less pink, on the outer-most part of the piece, and we were both disappointed that the flavor was not consistent with the delicious smell while it was cooking. My dad and brother enjoyed their pieces and were not bothered by the color, but they did mention this wasn't their favorite recipe I had made either.

smelled delicious while cooking
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Turkish Chicken Thighs
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