Not at all authentic

This is one of the worst chilaquilas recipes I have seen. Canned red endchilada "sauce" is horrible and not authentic. Salsa (sauce) is a form of pico de gallo not enchilada gravy. The canned green is o.k. salsa verde but you can easily make this at home and it freezes well. BTW, green salsa is often hotter than red not milder as stated. It is only milder in some cases because of the use of added tomatillos. Tomatillos are not tomatoes but are of the tomato family. But, the red gravy that one is so used to having in good Mexican restaurants has no tomatoes in it and does not have a lot of spices or herbs. When you use canned, all you can taste is the tomatoes and a little chile. When you make your own enchilada gravy it allows the subtle flavors of the other ingredients to come through. Non Mexicans are so used to this canned junk that they think it is authentic. It was developed for non Mexican tastes. People add tomatoes because they think that is what makes the enchilada gravy red. It isn't. It is the chile. Hot chiles and hot sauce are used in certain places so that you cannot determine the real flavor or lack of flavor in food that is served. Hot chile kills the tastebuds and they can serve you whatever they like even if it is old. Make your own gravies and salsas. Just don't use tomato products. Yuck!

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Chilaquiles Casserole
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