need to play around with the spice mixture

I didn't have berbere spice blend, so I used their substitution of garam masala, etc. While it was cooking, it had a strong cinnamon smell. I thought I would hate the dish but it was ok. I used "masoor dal," which I believe are split red lentils. I had no problem with the dish coming out like refried beans although the lentils certainly did cook down. I think I'd like this better with less garam masala and maybe some cumin or curry. I thought green peppers would be good too. I used about half as much red onion as they suggested; I think yellow onion would work fine too. I had no red wine, so I skipped that. All in all, I like the use of red lentils; I would just alter the spices in the future.

chicken and lentil combination is great
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Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew
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