I made this for dinner the other night because my husband & I are trying to cook healthy and more exciting flavored dinners. We made this and LOVE IT!!! We had the leftovers last night as well, and I can't wait to make it again. Some suggestions: make sure the canned salmon is boneless. I assumed all canned salmon was boneless. Boy was I wrong! It's a pain to pick teeny bones out of a can of salmon. The flavor of the "coleslaw" after I mixed in all the ingredients wasn't as sweet as I wanted so I added about a tablespoon of sugar to the mix. I also added a teeny bit of salt to the bean mix. I like texture to my food, so I didn't blend the beans & sour cream to the point where they were fully liquid. I left a bit of texture. Overall, I loved the dish, and it turned out better than I expected.

Not too much prep involved
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Black Bean & Salmon Tostadas
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