Great Make Ahead Dessert, More Tart, Less Sweet

I prefer less sweet desserts and love cheesecake so I thought this would be a great addition to the Thanksgiving menu. I baked this three days ahead and made my crust from gluten free ginger snaps since I liked the taste and thought the profile would go well with the lime. That was the only downfall of this dessert – water got into my springform pan even though I used heavy aluminum foil and took my normal precautions. When I removed the foil, I saw water but was not sure if it penetrated the pan. I found out it did when I removed it from the pan Thanksgiving morning. Next time I will use a ground nut crust and double the foil since the nut crust will hold up better to a water intrusion. Mixing all the ingredients in the blender was simple. I left the cake in the oven for one hour after baking to avoid cracking and then chilled it in the springform pan until Thanksgiving morning. I made the cranberry lime compote ahead of time as well. It was very congealed after refrigeration so I put it in the warm oven after the turkey was removed. I will use half the amount of cornstarch next time I make this. Overall it was very good, there is none left, and I will make another cheesecake and freeze it this week. I freeze my cheesecakes in the pans, then remove when they are rock hard and rewrap.

Can be Frozen, Easy to Make
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Cranberry-Lime Cheesecake
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Thanksgiving 2013 Cranberry Lime Cheesecake
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