Great alternative to high-calorie, fatty guac!

I have to say that I LOVE guacamole. Sometimes I crave it like crazy, but I know I can't eat it like crazy. Until now. I made this a tiny bit. I didn't have cilantro and I didn't measure how much lime juice I used. I just squeezed one lime into the mixture. I used a fresh-from-the-garden zucchini - unpeeled and unseeded - I threw in some tomato and jalapenos, and I used a food processor to get it as smooth as I liked.. which was still pretty chunky. I really loved this guacamole! I ate it with chips (baked torilla shell, and Garden of Eatin's jalapeno lime chips), on a grilled-chicken wrap, with grilled lime-pepper chicken, and a deli turkey wrap. YUUU-UM!

Easy to prepare, tastes great, acceptable nutritional content
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Skinny Guacamole
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Tasty Skinny Guacamole!
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