Good but too much work

I substituted A LOT in this recipe. I used bacon instead of sausage, cheddar instead of swiss, no pepper and no mushrooms. I was really excited to try this but in the end I feel stupid. I've had quiches before and they've always been delicious. I think my problem with this is that without the crust, its basically scrambled eggs with A LOT of extra work. As I sit here eating them, it is exactly like my scrambled eggs but with about 10 extra minutes or so of prep time and baked in the oven =/ I'm sure it's my own fault for not realizing it in advance, but I won't be making these again. If I wanted scrambled eggs, I'd of just mixed them together in a bowl and poured them in the pan to cook instead of everything else.

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Mini Mushroom-&-Sausage Quiches
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