Go-to for replacing Amy's Burritos

I tried this one to see if it would suffice for replacing Amy's Burritos, which I love but cost about $3.50 each. I don't cook eggs often enough and really enjoyed this. I added a can of black beans to the mix to give it a little more substance, and substituted salsa for the tomato since I didn't have any fresh ones on hand. I think I'll get somewhere from 6-8 burritos out of the recipe, so it was well worth it. And I liked it a lot more than the Amy's breakfast burrito. Now I just need to find a good burrito recipe to replace her pinto bean burrito recipe and I'll be set! I am going to see if it works well frozen and if it does, I think I've at least found my breakfast burrito to eat in a pinch on rushed mornings!

Inexpensive and common ingredients
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Breakfast Burritos
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