Fast, Flavorful, and Healthy!

Here are my alterations to the recipe:

1.) Added an additional 1 1/2 TSBP of Hoisin Sauce
2.) Included one medium sized hot red pepper, diced
3.) Cooked 1/2 C of Brown rice in rice cooker instead of using Instant Brown rice. *Note- this will not make a full cup of rice, but I like having more meat than rice in my wraps
4.) used 3/4 cup (maybe a little more) of Chicken Broth. I found that the original recipe was a little dry the evening after I made this the first time. Add more broth kept the dish moist for reheating the leftovers.

Sauces I prepared for this dish:
- 2 TBSP of Vinegar, 1 TBSP of soy, 3 dots of Sriracha
- Kung Pao Sauce

Fast, Fresh, plenty of leftovers
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