Don't expect it to be anything like falafel!

I am a college student and was looking for good healthy, easy, and inexpensive recipes.

This recipe immediately caught my eye as I thought it'd turn out similar to falafel since falafel is made from basically the same ingredients and served the same way. Boy was I wrong. I found the chickpea burgers to be VERY bland/boring and had to add huge amounts of cumin and a dash of cayenne pepper to really taste anything. The Tahini was worse. I'm not sure if the person who created this recipe has ever had real tahini, but this wasn't even close. Unfortunately, I'm no real chef and wasn't able to fix it, but I rescued the recipe by adding my own homemade hummus to the inside of the pita.

Long story short, these burgers are cheap, healthy, pretty easy, but are VERY bland. Not worth the effort, and I won't be making this again.

Easy, Cheap, Healthy
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Chickpea Burgers & Tahini Sauce
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