It surprises me that both Neufchatel and non fat Greek yogurt would produce such a delicious cheesecake. Frequently the lower fat versions of items means lower taste as well, but not here. My husband said it was more than delicious, it was excellent. I had 4 cans of sour pitted cherries in the pantry and after draining, I used those [we like an abundance of fruit on our cheesecake]. I did not halve them either. I also used a half cup of the reserved liquid instead of water for the cornstarch slurry, adding some red food coloring for a bright red punch. My only con is that the crust was a bit crumbly. Which makes sense since there's no butter to solidify it. No problem however. Will definitely make this again and especially for guests/get togethers, where you'd want a large amount.

Healthier, 9x13 inch amount, easy/no bake
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No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake
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