Almost Looked Like the Picture!

I wanted to make something different for Thanksgiving this year since I do not care for pumpkin pie and this looked beautiful in the picture. I decided to make a test run to see how it was before making it for Thanksgiving. I bought all of the ingredients and with the ginger snaps, sweet potatoes, and yogurt, I have enough left over for a second pie. I also prepped for two so I would not have to run the cookies and potatoes through the food processor again. I used a 9 inch deep dish glass pie plate and pressed my cookie crumb crust up to the top edge where you normally would. However when I filled it, I had more than half an inch of crumbs at the top with nothing to support them. On the second pie that I plan to make, I am going to increase my recipe by twenty percent so my pie fills the pan. If you do not want to do that then use a pie plate that is not a deep dish variety. As my pie cooled the top cracked so I think I will bake the second one in a water bath. It is my plan to make it a week ahead and freeze it so I will not have to do everything the day before Thanksgiving. The taste was light and not overly sweet. The crumb crust also held together well with the exception of the excess at the top – that fell apart. The photo that I have attached is of this “test” run. It looks pretty good for a test.

Easy to make, Enough ingredients for two pies
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First Test Run Before the Holidays
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