A keeper

I have been experimenting with Pho recipes. They are sometimes somewhat complex and, done right, time consumptive. I gave this a shot as my recent Pho recipe that failed also yielded a surplus of Pho components.

I gave this a shot and was pleasantly surprised. This is a doggone competitive Pho Ga (chicken) recipe. We intend to make it again and often.This is a keeper and quite delicious.

The recipe itself is very easy and was a good Sunday evening recipe. I put it in the crock pot after church and it was ready for supper. There is really little prep work, mostly just throwing ingredients into the pot and letting it go.

I used boneless, skinless breasts. It turned out fine, but I expect bone-in breasts would provide more flavor. Don't worry about deboning, the meat will shred easily from the bone. I will change that next time.

The components may be daunting to some. Once you have made this once, you will realize the flavors that star anise, fish sauce, whole cloves, etc. provide. Buy them in bulk and have them at hand for more editions of Pho in the future. Fish sauce in very small amounts can boost flavor in almost any dish.

Note: The most traditional Pho has a spicy beef stock base (Pho Bo) unlike this one. It too is excellent and I am continuing my experiments with it.

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Pho
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