A good base recipe to embellish as you want

I'd never known to add coffee to a pot roast before this recipe.
My tweaks: Seasoned a natural beef, leaner roast very well with Himalayan sea salt and freshly cracked all-color peppercorns. Browned well. Sauteed onions til clear, added 4 chopped cloves Elephant garlic and continued saute. Didn't have thyme but used tarragon which we love. Used Community Brand Coffee & Chicory INSTANT blend very strong. Added some Cabernet Sauvignon, baby organic carrots, organic cubed russet potato, beef bouillon granules. Transferred juice to cooktop, added slight amounts of cornstarch at a time to get right consistency of gravy per amount of water created by roast. Added a little more S&P. We thought it was great.

Turned out perfectly in crockpot
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