A disappointing pie

I've been making another pumpkin pie for a few years, but thought I'd try this one to make it a wee bit more nutritious. I was disappointed with the results.

I used whole wheat flour (not pastry), which could be responsible for the tough crust, but it may also be the recipe. I totally agree with the other commenter who said it tasted like a tortilla. It was a tasty tortilla, but not what I want in a pie.

I really didn't like the use of sweetened condensed milk in the filling. I like using cream and sugar so that I can adjust the sweetness to taste - there's not much to do with too sweet filling when the sweetness is in the milk. I added more of all of the spices (2 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp ginger, a bit more nutmeg), which helped the flavor some, but it was overall a disappointment.

I won't be making this pie again, unfortunately.

moist interior, crust stays together well
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Holiday Pumpkin Pie
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