Welcome to the BETA phase of EatingWell's KitchenTable Community!

Reference and Help Guide for EatingWell Community Beta Phase:

Please see the information below to help you get started and send this along to friends and family and ask them to participate too.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Go to Check out our community landing page to see what's going on in the community.
  2. Next, sign up for or log in to your My EatingWell account, by clicking on the Sign Up or Log In links on the upper Right Hand corner of any page of the website.
  3. Now that you’re logged in, click on My EatingWell in the upper right-hand corner and you’ll be in your account.
  4. Click on the “My Community” tab.

Now you’re in your profile. What you can do:
Create or update your community profile: You can click on “Settings” in the middle of your profile or on the “Edit My Profile” link in the right hand side to fill out fun info about yourself that other members will see.
Upload a picture of yourself or choose from one of the fun images we've already loaded for you.
Post a status to your profile: Similar to Facebook, you can update your status in the status bar. Your friends will see your status in their wall news feed and can respond to you.
Make friends: If you click on the friends tab, you can see your current friends and if you have any friend requests pending. Pending friend requests are listed at the top of the tab in “Pending (Number)”
Add Friends: When you're browsing around the site, just mouse over any user's picture and click the “Add as Friend” button to request friendships. Or you can click on the picture or user's name to go to their profile and add them from there.
Join a group: Click on the groups tab in your profile and you will see a list of most-active groups, right now the Losing Well (Diet) Group and the EatingWell Kitchen Table. Click on the group and become a member.
Join a discussion: When you’re in a group, you can see posts to discussions in the news feed or scroll about halfway down the page and click on the discussion tab to view and join a discussion.
Post a photo: When you’re on the main community landing page, you can scroll toward the bottom of the page to find photo galleries (also found here).
• When you’re in a gallery click on the “Have a photo for this gallery? Click here.” link to upload your image.
Review and rate a recipe: Go to any recipe on the site and click on the comments tab to add your own review and rating or comment on another members review.
Write a comment on a blog or an article: Go to any recipe or article on the site comments tab to add your own comment or respond to another member’s comment.

How to Change Your Display Name:
1.) Log In to the upper right hand corner of your screen.
2.) Once logging in, navigate once again to the upper right hand corner of your screen and click “My EatingWell.”
3.) Once in “My EatingWell,” you’ll see a sub-navigation menu with “My Community,” “My Newsletters,” “My Account,” and “My EatingWell” (highlighted) tabs. Click on “My Account.”
4.) Within “My Account,” you’ll see another sub-navigation with “My Community,” “Personal Information,” “Community,” and “Account” tabs. Click on “Community.”
5.) Within the Community Tab, you’ll see a blank box that says, “Display Name.” Enter what you would like your name to appear as throughout our site, such as on reviews and comments.
*Note* You will need to log out and log back into the site for this change to take place. When you are welcomed back to EatingWell after logging out and logging back in, you’ll still see your old account username, but this is absolutely private to you. The name in your Display Name in the Community tab is what will be displayed around the site.

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