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Stir-Fried Carrots, Corn & Peppers
This eclectic stir-fry is a colorful combination of carrot, red bell pepper, corn and romaine lettuce. This recipe...
Velvet Chicken with Baby Bok Choy
Velvet chicken is a classic Chinese cooking technique that keeps the meat juicy and succulent, and the chicken stays...
Farmers' Market Fried Rice
This fried rice recipe features a fall mixture of sliced Brussels sprouts and parsnips, but feel free to use whatever...
Stir-Fried Chile Beef & Broccoli
This quick stir-fry features broccoli and flank steak in a flavorful sauce. This dish is typical of many traditional...
Should You Go Gluten-Free Even If You Don’t Have Celiac Disease?
Should you go gluten-free? Not without checking in with your doctor first. It’s important to test for celiac disease....
EatingWell Interviews CSPI's Michael Jacobson on Food Day
Michael Jacobson has been called many things—from “hero” to “Food Nazi.” Jacobson, a microbiologist who founded the...
What Chemicals Are in Food? Simple Solutions to Avoid Harmful Toxins in Food
I still remember the sentence I read nearly a year ago that catapulted me from carefree foodie to chemical-cautious...
Pop-Up Harvest Dinners
The latest incarnation of the farm-to-table movement redefines what it means to eat fresh, seasonal and local food by...
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