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Eat to Beat the Winter Blues
Those winter blues setting in? Try eating like a Spaniard, an Italian or a Greek. In a study of more than 11,000 people...
7 Foods to Boost Your Mood Naturally
Find out which 7 healthy foods will help boost your mood. If you’re feeling blue—or want to ward off feeling that...
Foods to Fight the Blues
Find out what foods can boost your mood and help fight depression. One in twenty Americans suffers from depression...
What to eat to beat the blues
Since I'm always interested in learning how food can help to prevent and manage different health conditions, a...
Mood Boosting Foods
We’ve all turned to food after a bad day. But instead of reaching for whatever seems soothing, eat something that...
Saffron to Boost Your Mood
Most Americans know saffron as the costly spice that lends a golden hue to paella and bouillabaisse. But according to...
Healthy Salmon Recipes and Cooking Tips
No common fish delivers more of the omega-3 fatty acids that help keep arteries clear and hearts strong than salmon....
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